Online Dental and Orthodontic Insurance Verification

Get a patient's dental, orthodontic and specialist insurance status and detailed benefit information from over 200 dental insurances within seconds. Get real-time active/inactive status and benefit information such as deductibles, maximums, and % breakdowns.

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Check 200+ Dental Insurances

SymplVerify allows you to quickly check and verify your patients dental benefits with over 200+ dental insurances.

One Single Login

With a single login you can verify over 200+ dental insurances. No more having to login to multiple sites.

Detailed Patient Information

SymplVerify gathers all data available online from tons of insurance providers. Get information such as deductibles, maximums, % breakdowns etc.

Fully Web-Based Platform

We are a technology company, not a call center. We have built the technology to quickly check 200+ dental insurances in seconds. No more waiting on hold.

Over 200 Dental Insurances Available

Use the table below to see all of the insurances we have avaliable on our platform to be used for eligibility checks for your patients. Just type your insurance in the search box to see if we have it and the corresponding Payer ID.

Minimal Data Input Required

Verifying benefits is finally Sympl. SymplVerify only requires the following info to check benefits with over 200+ providers.

-Patient First Name -Patient Last Name -Patient Date Of Birth -Subscriber Member ID

Only Pay For What You Need

SymplVerify pricing is Sympl. Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Simply Load your account with the credits you need and refill when you are low.

  • 25 Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 30 Days
  • Sign Up For Free
  • No CC Required
  • 50 Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 30 Days
  • Sign Up For Free
  • No CC Required
  • 100 Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 30 Days
  • Sign Up For Free
  • No CC Required
Best Value
  • 300 Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 180 Days
  • Sign Up For Free
  • No CC Required

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Great question! Many of our clients come to us because their dental offices spend way too much time on patient insurance verifications. On top of that, manual collection of insurance information results in errors! Both offices and patients suffer when errors happen and estimates are wrong. Our clients have seen their offices reduce phone call volumes to insurances by 85%. While we can’t eliminate all calls to insurances, we can eliminate the bulk of them. 
  • Yes, orthodontic related data includes lifetime maximum/remaining, age limits and benefit percentages. This will vary by insurance carrier.
  • All insurance companies provide differing levels of data via their online connections. We simply take all of the data that is available present it to the office is a way that is usable. Some companies will have more robust data sources that others.
  • It’s extremely important to verify eligibility & benefits for EVERY patient (new or existing) prior to their visit to ensure they have insurance coverage. This will reduce denied claims down the road. A common problem is also having claims held up because the subscriber information was incorrect, so doing an eligibility & benefits check prior to submitting the claim will ensure this issue is resolved.
  • Yes. We have a separate Dependent Search Section just for this! But remember, when searching for a dependent, the subscriber information is also needed. Insurance companies use the subscriber information as a primary query before searching for the dependent.
  • Not Yet! But we are working on it. Currently SymplVerify is just for Verifying patients dental insurance coverage, but we will be adding the ability to submit claims in the future.

No! The best part is that you simply load the # of checks you need in your account and begin your verification checks. Your credits last for 30 days so use what you need for the month and reload if needed!

"SymplVerify has seriously streamlined the timeconsuming insurance verification process and left our office staff with the ease of checking a patients insurance benefits in seconds. No more sitting on hold for 45 minutes to find out the insurance was inactive 3 years ago or the member ID was given incorrectly. We can now quickly check dental benefits all on a single website. #gamechanger"
Samantha Jones
Treatment Coordinator

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