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Orthodontic Insurance Verification

Software Powered. Human Verified. SymplVerify is the first of its kind orthodontic insurance verification service and software platform. Using state of the art software and texting combined with our team of insurance verification specialists, we are able to deliver a best in class orthodontic insurance verification platform.

How it works? - Step #1

SymplVerify makes it easy. Like really really sympl.

Gather Information From New Patient Call

Gather the patient's insurance information from the initial patient phone call...then add a verification request in your SymplVerify Dashboard, which is then sent to our team.

How it works? - Step #2

Our software streamlines information gathering. This eliminates issues during verification and creates a more efficient and accurate process.

Insurance Card Upload

After a request is added to the system, SymplVerify will prompt the patient to upload their insurance card to the system. You can easily download the patient ID cards from your SymplVerify Dashboard

How it works? - Step #3

Our team calls each insurance company and gathers all of the necessary orthodontic benefits for your patients.

No Emails - No Faxes - No Lost Requests

Unlike traditional insurance verification companies who rely on email and fax communication, SymplVerify is a technology first company utilizing the most advance cloud software to help organize, track and manage all incoming and outgoing insurance requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do same day verifications?

We do! Although we need to verify all insurance via phone, we have expanded out team to now provide same day verifications. Requests can be added as standard which require 24hr in advance notification or same day which are done immediately.

Does SymplVerify pull the insurance information from a website/online?

We understand that insurance requests must be done manually and on the phone. Our team calls each and every insurance company to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date insurance information.

Can I give you my form to check instead of your standard form?

To keep our verifications team trained properly and guarantee quality, we utilizes our standard insurance verification form. We do not allow outside forms to be utilized, but we are open to suggestions for additional items to be checked.

Which request credits are used first...My Monthly Allotment or Additional?

We will always use the credits that are first to expire to help maximize the time to utilize your credits.

SymplVerify Pricing

SymplVerify pricing is Sympl. All practices pay the base fee and then simply autoload additional requests as needed. Load your account with the credits you need when you need them and refill when you are low. It's that sympl.

Monthly Plan Pricing
  • 30 Insurance Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 30 Days
Monthly Plan Pricing
Start Up
  • 10 Insurance Verification Checks
  • Credits Valid For 30 Days

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